Marketing Services: Our marketing strategy creates, communicates and delivers value to audience and shows how effectively your product solves the problem they’re facing.

  1. Promotions: We know which promoting strategy sells your product be it by sending an email or having a killer content strategy. We’ve mastered the profession of writing blogs and have aptitude to effectively share your products socially. We know the best time to run social contest and learn when to make your products Facebook live. We know when to promote online and when to take it offline.
  2. Stall Promotions: Our unique stall promoting strategy help ads to easily grab the attention of the audience and drive interest for the product in the minds of the passers.
  3. Free Sampling: Our unique free sampling strategy helps you demonstrate the quality of your product the right way, be it to introduce new product or to create instant demand on select products or to acquire new customers. Free sampling is not always for anyone and everyone hence we identify the right people for free sampling so that there’s high return on ROI.
  4. Sales Force: Our team has extensive experience working in sales force, they’re known for achieving the best engagements and return on ad campaigns they do it by planning a focused optimization strategy. We understand, each platform has its unique audience and voice depending on which we develop our content.
  5. Mystery shopping: Sparkles Network provide full range of services such as market research, mystery shopping and audits, loyalty programs and sales force outsourcing by objective evaluation, focused attention to minute details and by performing and submitting shops promptly. Our secret shopping experts collect high quality data which bring out deep insights that’ll help improve your business.
  6. Ground Activation: We have experience and knowledge in creating brand identity, broadcasting product information and managing product line on display. Our activation strategy considers all major to minor factors which will affect the promotional campaign outcome.
  7. O.P and Visual Merchandising: Our creative team is experienced in coming up with refreshed pop-up shows – from window display to signage to merchandising displays. They know how to keep it simple yet bold in every possible way. They base their theme on innovative stories and pay attention to lighting, creating a focal point and maintaining the right balance between all the key elements. company logo, the value proposition, and the call-to-action is the hierarchy we follow to attract audience which will allow them to take instant actions.