Outdoor-Media: We have a multitude of outdoor media solutions each offering their unique outcome.

  1. Billboards/hoardings: We know the fine line between getting noticed and being a distraction. We know how to effectively utilize the space of the billboard while grabbing attention from the on goers. We keep it simple and fun which creates long lasting impression on the minds of the movers.
  2. Bus shelters: We’ve got good contacts with the transit authority. Being cost effective, we help you engage your audience with interactive ads in variety of cities with expected outcomes. We know when to choose a start date, we learn the longevity of the ad and take steps for best results.
  3. Railway stations: Our railway advertisements are handled by skilled experts, who have extensive practice in turning ads into engrossing experiences. We provide range of services from railway board media advertisement to railway glow sign advertisement.
  4. Pole kiosk and Road: Our pole kiosks are strategically positioned in places that cannot go unnoticed. Our creative team has excelled in unique bonding of pole selection and kiosk creation that can do more than just brand awareness.
  5. Medians: Median Ads are reachable to all sorts of passengers, we make use of every inch of this opportunity and articulate our ad strategy. We ensure our ads are not just visible to the passengers but also connects to the passengers at personal level.
  6. Airport: We’ve mastered the skills of advertisement in diversified channels, be it Back lit displays or Wraps and clings. From digital to Benches/shelters. You name it and we’ve got it, we advertise keeping the airport passenger’s wants and needs in mind. Our studies say 73% of air travelers have time to read advertisements and 71% travelers take time to read them, considering this we come up with ads that’ll entice them to purchase the product.