Radio Stations
by Sunil Mahantesh

The seventh week of 2018 of RAM Ratings witnessed Fever ruling over Mumbai and Delhi. Meanwhile, Radio City and Radio Mirchi ruled Bangalore and Kolkata respectively.

This week in the Mumbai universe of 12.2 million listeners, Fever FM shared the top spot with improved 16.1 per cent, followed by Radio Mirchi and Radio City. Radio Mirchi maintained its second spot with 13.5 per cent while Radio City climbed to third spot with 13.1 per cent share. Big FM slipped to the fourth spot with a 12.7 per cent share. Meanwhile Red FM retained its fifth spot with 11.5 per cent share. Early morning followed by mid-morning and morning time band observed the highest listenership on the total radio.

Fever continued to dominate the Delhi market in a universe of 16.5 million listeners with 18.5 per cent share. Radio Mirchi and Radio Nasha climbed to second and third spot with 12.5 per cent and 12.2 per cent share respectively. Radio City slipped to fourth spot with 12.1 per cent share while Air FM2 Gold continued to hold on to its fifth spot with 10.7 per cent share. Mid-morning followed by evening and afternoon time band observed the highest listenership on the total radio.

In Bangalore, Radio City maintained its leadership position with 25 per cent share in the universe of 5.3 million listeners. Big FM, Radio Mirchi and Fever FM held on to its second, third and fourth spot with 17.5 per cent, 17.2 per cent and 13.6 per cent respectively. Air FM Rainbow took the fifth spot with 5.8 per cent share. Here, afternoon followed by night and evening observed the highest listenership on the total radio.

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